Peace is a gift

Peace is a gift


By Bessie Rayner Parkes 

THE steadfast coursing of the stars, 
The waves that ripple to the shore, 
The vigorous trees which year by year 
Spread upwards more and more; 

The jewel forming in the mine, 
The snow that falls so soft and light, 
The rising and the setting sun, 
The growing glooms of night; 

All natural things both live and move 
In natural peace that is their own; 
Only in our disordered life 
Almost is she unknown. 

She is not rest, nor sleep, nor death; 
Order and motion ever stand 
To carry out her firm behests 
As guards at her right hand. 

And something of her living force 
Fashions the lips when Christians say 
To Him Whose strength sustains the world, 
"Give us Thy Peace, we pray!"



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  4. Timmyxxx

    every part of you?

    July 23, 2017