Remember “love” should always be shown, not merely spoken.

Remember “love” should always be shown, not merely spoken.

Therefore an abuser will put on various masks in order to trick and manipulate us into responding.

They will sway from being seductive and charming to pitiful and tearful in a matter of seconds. There are not two sides to these types of people, there are as many sides as it takes to get what it is they desire. These methods leave us in a spin, as we often will not know which side of them is the truth and which side will be coming at us next.

The truth? There is no truth with an abuser. Every liaison will be finely tuned to garner the best outcome for themselves. The attacks will be premeditated, delivered with a deceitful intent and specifically designed to cause us to destabilise so that they are in control and have every ounce of the power.

It is also imperative to remember that abusers aren’t always acting from a conscious level and can be wholly unaware that they are causing any harm. Sometimes it is their inner, wounded self that sub-consciously behaves in ways that cause great distress.

We must try to remember not to take their words or actions personally, we are simply a pawn caught up in their game and often they do not realise the damage and destruction they are causing. By taking responsibility for our own part in the dynamic we can cut the cords that are attached to them and remove ourselves so that we are no longer an entertaining puppet controlled by its master.

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Comments (3)

  1. Timmyxxx

    People are not alone but live in an environment with other people who are trapped in the drama consciousness. Because the epic dramas are defined from the duality consciousness, they always have a built-in conflict. An epic drama is based on a concept of right and wrong and a standard for judging other people as good or bad. Thus, it is inevitable that those trapped in one epic drama will see themselves as being in opposition to those trapped in another drama. So you see all kinds of groups on earth who are essentially challenging each others mental boxes, and we of the ascended masters really don’t need to do anything—people are so good at doing it themselves. In other words, the effect of the epic dramas is that you cannot leave other people alone, and this makes sure that everyone’s mental box will be challenged by someone.

    April 14, 2017
  2. Timmyxxx

    The material universe is designed as a cosmic mirror that reflects back to you what you send out. The Ma-ter light will take on forms that outpicture the mental images projected upon it. As an example, it is the mental images of human beings that have created disease, poverty, starvation and all of the other limiting conditions on earth. By experiencing such conditions, people’s mental boxes can also be challenged to the point where they see the need to re-evaluate their approach to life.

    April 14, 2017
  3. Timmyxxx

    The Master light will take on any form projected upon it, but the second law of thermodynamics will instantly begin to break down any form and return the Master light to a state of equilibrium. This also works in terms of people’s mental boxes, as the second law works only in closed systems. So because of the two factors described above, people begin to defend their mental boxes and close their minds to new knowledge. Yet as soon as their minds become closed systems, the second law begins to create disorder and chaos internally, and this can eventually lead to such stress and mental disease that people can no longer stand it and thus become willing to rethink.

    April 14, 2017